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5 Jun 2020 | Written by: Jon Younger - Forbes Magazine
Remote Is A Powerful Growth Driver For Freelancing: 32 Platform CEOs Explain Why
  “You can’t start a fire without a spark” sang Bruce Springsteen in his classic ballad “Dancing in the Dark... read more
4 Jun 2020 | Roberta King
Remain Relevant - 2030 arrived earlier than expected
  Agility. Adaptability. Flexibility. Responsiveness. Words used to describe critical traits required fo... read more
31 May 2020 | Adam Rosenfield
The Future to Combat Bias is: Freelance 
  In the year 2020, you can get from Austin, Texas to Amman, Jordan at the push of a button. You can see what’s happening in A... read more
30 May 2020 | Tijana Momirov
Expertise on Expertise, and on-Demand
  How freelance experts in talent can help you work with freelancers This year of 2020 is huge in the g... read more
16 May 2020 | One Circle Team
4 ways to recognise your remote employees
  Even though many organisations' priorities have shifted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to engage with workforces r... read more
16 May 2020 | Jon Younger - Forbes Magazine
Best Practice: How Top Freelance Platforms Engage With Clients During COVID 19
Welcome to the next article in my series: The freelance revolution during COVID 19.” In past articles we surveyed freelanc... read more
16 May 2020 | Emma El Karout
How to Expand Your Hiring Strategies to Include Remote Workers and Get Them Up and Running Efficiently and Quickly.
A Global Shrunken Talent Pool At Your FInger Tips.. Hiring has always been an important responsibility of HR professiona... read more
9 May 2020 | Jon Younger - Forbes Magazine
The big freelance skills needed as companies rebuild after COVID 19
  Over twenty two million Americans lost their jobs in a little less than a month due to COVID 19. It took the Great Depression more... read more
9 May 2020 | Emma El Karout
Remote work transition - What does that look like for HR?
  Remote and flexible work have been growing for years. Today it became the only way of working. When the virus spread subsides, rem... read more