Freelance Human Resources Consultants


Talent acquisition, Learning & development, Performance management, Culture & engagement.

Years of experience: 5 - 10 years

Luanne's background in psychology and experience in the field of recruitment, engineering, manufacturing, agriculture and financial tech start-up has given her a unique set of skills to equip her to assist your business in setting up and maintaining its own HR desk.


Strategic development, Organisational design, Performance management, Culture & engagement.

Years of experience: 20 years+

I am an HR/OD innovator who thrives on eliminating the people "stuff" that distracts businesses from doing what they should be doing best i.e. making money. I do this through values-driven people practices, driving performance, motivation, growth and recognition. My exposure to numerous industries makes me highly adaptable to any environment.


Strategic development, Organisational design, Learning & development, Hr systems & metrics.

Years of experience: 10 - 20 years

Administration, HR and Management Consulting