Freelance Human Resources Consultants

HR Guru: LeeM

Organisational design, Leadership development, Culture & engagement, Hr in a box for start-ups.

Years of experience: 10 - 20 years

I am a Human Resource Specialist with a generalist experience in various industries. I am an expert in the administrative, operations and stragetic HR role. Am an expert in the design of Retention, EE, Skills development, Payroll, Organisational Design.


Organisational effectiveness, Leadership development, Culture & engagement, Coaching.

Years of experience: 10 - 20 years

I'm a systems psychodynamically informed consulting psychologist with an insatiable curiosity about how people are positioned or position themselves in social systems. I work with clients to deepen their understanding of how they take up their roles, consciously and unconsciously, and how these both serve and inhibit achieving their aspirations. My approach to executive coaching has evolved over the course of my career, from humanistic and behaviourist paradigms to the systems psychodynamic stance. I've come to learn over the years that most of our behaviour stems from the unconscious. I gain immense satisfaction in working with clients to make the unconscious conscious and realise deep insights.


Organisational design, Talent acquisition, Performance management, Hr in a box for start-ups.

Years of experience: 5 - 10 years