Cara Downing | One Circle Consultants

Written by: One Circle Team  created on: 08-05-2020


Cara is one of our incredible consultants who epitomizes the socially conscious expert.

She runs a nonprofit organisation, leads a ‘People Helping People’ Project, offering skills development training and recruitment services to the unemployed community, serves on the executive board of Reach Out Portfolio. She has racked up 11 years in the hospitality industry, and a further 22 with PAG, the largest Recruitment Agent in SA. During this time she honed an incredible ability to resource during challenging times and has natural drive to help people succeed.She is also a supreme dispute resolver and problem solver with a preferred approach of combining natural empathy and human approach with a firm grasp of employment law. Cara is an old hand at remote work, having done so for more than a decade with a great track record of delivery.

Her passions include conducting Learning Needs Analyses, innovative employee engagement, developing two-way communication channels between leadership and and employees, and devising operating plans and targets while defining what success looks like. She is proud of having achieved sound staff retention and long-lasting relationships with her clients during her varied projects. Her leadership skills and her ability to motivate, inspire and challenge teams are due to her confidence in her own abilities and down to her providing clear guidance, supervision and support.

Cara believes that our world has just become closer and that HR is needed more than ever before.

Her own quote below.

“To have Covid-19 knock some sense into the world collectively ……. I remain positive that this will have, ultimately, a constructive outcome for many people. I find this to be incredibly exciting revolutionary time. I have worked from home for many years and was frowned upon and judged incorrectly, it sometimes cost me work. So, hurrah now for the change in perception of working from home and may work take on a new level of appreciation!

It is not easy. it will bring about a fresh level of self-management and dedication that you do not find in an office. Working with your team will take on a revitalised, higher level of communication. Companies are going to exponentially benefit from a higher turn around in performance! Yes, there are those that are going to suffer, but don’t pout…re-invent!

Other than expect to work harder and smarter than you ever had, become more responsible than you ever dreamed, enjoy the wonderful blessing and hidden benefits of finding your true, perhaps deeply hidden self in the discovery of your (work from) home sweet home!”

Thanks Cara for being part of our Circle.